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R.S. Management Consultants is a Jamshedpur based proprietary Management Consultancy firm started by Mr. S. C. Mishra for offering Consultancy services to organizations in the field of Managerial Training and Organizational Development and Counseling services to individuals for solving their problems and developing Life Management skills for making their life more successful and joyful.

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The formulation of ideas is easy, the implementation of them each difficult. We know the right, we approve of it, but we do not adopt it; but still we keep on pursuing it; that each the trgedy of our human civilization: Dr. S. Radhakrishnan



Life Management Skills Development

Problem Solving and Decision making.
Coverage: Problem Solving model, Systematic approach for problem solving, Type of thinking involved. Decision making game, Summarization of learning.

Effective Management of Time of your life
Coverage: Test on your time management skill, identifying time robbers. Tips on developing effective Time Management skills, Summarization of learning.

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Counselling Services to Individuals on :

Family Life And Marriage Related Problems

Adolescent And Student Life Related Problems

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